Our Vision

The Vision is a world in which every good idea has an equitable opportunity for success and in which every business, regardless of size, can compete for good ideas on a level playing field.    In this world, ideas at varying stages of development are exchanged between inventors, promoters, developers and distributors  based upon their needs, interests and capacities, to expedite speed to market and to minimize economic waste.  And participants in the marketplace are provided information and tools to make better decisions.    At the heart of it all is Techlink Innovation Exchange, which gathers the data and creates the marketplace by providing, on a sustainable, non-profit and even-handed basis, Marketplace Services to those seeking to part with ideas  and Member Services to those able to advance them.



Paul Kuttner

Paul is an unconventional strategic business person and marketer, and is happiest when presented with product, marketing, sales, business or enterprise dilemmas.   He is a principal at innovate inc. which, for the past 20 years has provided management consulting to law and accounting firms in Canada and the US, as well as to a number of small businesses. Over time, Paul has developed valuable experience in sourcing and leveraging strategic alliances to provide a multiplier effect for the benefit of well-directed but under-resourced initiatives. He has hands-on senior multinational experience providing leadership to develop and implement business revitalisation and tactical marketing and sales plans for blue chip companies in Africa, Europe and Canada. His experience spans industry sectors including consumer goods, health & beauty products, proprietary medicines, public safety, healthcare, diversity, direct to home television broadcasting (ExpressVu launch team member), satellite communications, retail, and banking.