Our Vision

The Vision is a world in which every good idea has an equitable opportunity for success and in which every business, regardless of size, can compete for good ideas on a level playing field.    In this world, ideas at varying stages of development are exchanged between inventors, promoters, developers and distributors  based upon their needs, interests and capacities, to expedite speed to market and to minimize economic waste.  And participants in the marketplace are provided information and tools to make better decisions.    At the heart of it all is Techlink Innovation Exchange, a not-for-profit established in 2015, which gathers the data and creates the marketplace by providing, on a sustainable, non-profit and even-handed basis, Marketplace Services to those seeking to part with ideas  and Member Services to those able to advance them.



Gord Truffen

Gord Truffen is currently the Superintendent of Information Services for the Halton District School Board.  He is an experienced educator with close to 20 years of experience in leadership (Vice-Principal, Principal and Superintendent).  As a teacher, he was a consultant of Information Technology for his board implementing technology across the system for both staff and students. He also worked for OPSOA and CODE as a consultant for technology.  He leads a team of professionals who are responsible for Information Technology (System Development, Software Systems, Network Operations, Telecommunications and Schools Based Technology), the Information Centre, and Records Management.