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In the form below: the "Applicant" is the legal entity, such as a corporation, that is being proposed for TECHLINK membership;  the "Submitter" is the person that is filling in the form; and the "Authorized Signing Officer" is a person that is authorized to bind the Applicant to legal contracts.   Once the form below is completed and submitted,  TECHLINK will contact the Authorized Signing Officer and obtain his or her consent on behalf of the Applicant to: receive Qualified Offers pursuant to the Introduction Services and the Matching Services , receive Publications pursuant to the Publication Services and to be legally bound as set forth in the content of this website, including but not limited to the  TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  If the Authorized Signing Officer is not the same person as the Submitter, the name of the Submitter will be released to the Authorized Signing Officer, so that he or she can background check TECHLINK.   If the Applicant is an individual, then the name and contact information for that individual should be entered into the fields for the Authorized Signing Officer. 

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